Desi Bilona Ghee


Our Gir Cow A2 ghee is made using the Vedic bilona method in small batches. We collect the butter after churning homemade yogurt and delicately heat it over a clay stove and slow flame fueled by cow dung.

We never use malai or cream to make our Gir cow bilona ghee.

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1 Ltr. @ 799/-

2 Ltr. @1599/-

5  Ltr. @3999/-

15  Ltr. @11999/-


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Bilona ghee made from hand-churned cultured butter is prized as a delivery system for nutrients from food to be delivered at the cellular level. It contains pre-biotics, aids in digestion and is known to support balanced cholesterol levels.

With a high smoke point, ghee is ideal for cooking and frying. A spoonful in rice or daal adds a remarkable flavor. You will be able to tell the difference even before tasting as the aroma of ghee prepared from the milk of Gir cows that are loved and cared for fills the air.


Sabal ghee is made according to the Vedic method ONLY from the milk of our own beloved Gir cows.

First, we set yogurt made from the A2 milk of our Gir cows. Next, the yogurt is churned and separated into fresh white makkhan and chaach. Our chaach is delivered fresh to Jaipur families, and the butter collected for making ghee.

The butter is gently heated over a wood fired flame. This is the ancient purifying process that transforms butter into a healing golden elixir, Vedic ghee. As the butter is heated, a warm and nutty aroma fills the air and the milk solids separate and settle at the bottom of the vessel. This process makes ghee a lactose-free food and is easily digested by those with lactose intolerance.

Finally, the golden liquid is filtered and cooled before being bottled in glass jars. We use only glass jars and DO NOT use harmful plastics that pollute our Mother Earth and can leech dangerous chemicals into food products.

Vedic ghee has the added benefits of pre-biotics that promote a healthy gut, healthy digestion and stokes the digestive fire, Agni. Strong Agni is a requirement to process your food correctly and fosters a healthy immune response while strengthening the elimination systems of the body.

Together, strong immunity and elimination keeps you healthy and enables the body to fight off infections and illness.

Adding ghee into your daily routine is a foundational block of good health, improved brain function, balanced weight and it makes your skin glow! Ghee nourishes from the inside out!


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